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Disease: Thalassemia 
Name: Ms Shih Huai-Ting
Born: 1949
Address: Shuangyuan District, Taipei, Taiwan

      "My life has hung by a thread since the time I was born. I frequently had fevers above 40C as a child, and I was so sick that I didn't even learn to walk until I was five years old. I experienced dizziness and abdominal swelling as I reached adolescence, and I felt extreme discomfort throughout my body after I started menstruating. Although I consulted many doctors, none knew what was wrong with me. It wasn't until I was 25 that I was diagnosed as having 'thalassemia.' From that time on I had to get a blood transfusion at a hospital every month, and this continued until I discovered Lingzhi and started improving in 1992. After taking increasing doses of Lingzhi for three months, I began gradually experiencing increased frequency of urination, greater dizziness, and occasional vomiting. Since I knew that these reactions were a sign that I was improving, I continued to take Lingzhi. I felt gradual improvement after another one or two weeks, and my body started taking a turn for the better. I get a checkup once a year nowadays, and everything has been normal. I no longer need to get a transfusion once a month."